Most important issues:

  • The EMBS Internship period is compulsory.
  • Its duration should be a minimum of 3 months.
  • The internship must start at the earliest on the 1st of June and at the latest on 1st of July.
  • The assigned tasks should be considered relevant for a EMBS student (related to the educational programme of the master and international perspective).
  • The company should be located in a country which is not the one where you come from (nationality).

— EMBS Internship Office

Basic info & procedure:

First of all, please read carefully The Internship Regulations to learn in detail all about the Internship.

1.  Contact the internship office:

  • Send your CV to
  • Let us know if you have already contacted a company to place your internship 
  • Let us know your preferences (country, sector, working language, duration,…)

2. The Internship office will deal with you individually in order to find the right company for your internship.

  • We will work directly with each student as a personal case, to try to develop best practices possible to find the most appropiate internship for you.

3. Once you have a suggestion for an internship.

At any time, to find the right internship is under your responsability. The EMBS may offer you some vacancies which you can accept or reject, at your best convenience. At any case, you will have to look for them on your own. When you find your desire internship, you must inform us so that we can approve it or not, this is the very first step of the paperwork..

4. Contact the internship office.

  • Fill up EMBS-Intership-application and send it to <> In this request, you have to include the company, the country where you will spend your internship period, its duration, a deep description of the tasks to be assigned and the contact person details in the company and his/her position, this will be your internship tutor in the company.
  • In case everything is ok, you will get the approval to begin the administrative procedure to obtain the contract for your internship.
  • If any of the provided information changes, you should report those changes as soon as possible to <>

4. Agree with your internship tutor in the company the conditions for your Internship.

  • The company has to designate a tutor to guide you during your whole internship period.
  • You must agree with your tutor all details referred to your internship period in the company, your tasks and responsibilities, the scheduled duration and so on…
  • This tutor will be the contact both with you and with the University.

5.  Sign the Contract and hire the Insurance

  • For 3 months internship period, you need to sign the agreement under Universidad de León. The university will provide you and your company all the paperwork needed to sing the contract. You will just need to sign 2 docs: Framework Agreement & Annex. Please confirm with your university tutor that they are completed correctly before sending them to be signed by the company. We need 3 original hard copies signed by the company. The company can send them directly to: Universidad de León, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales. ATT Mar González Luelmo (EMBS)Campus de Vegazana S/N - 24071-León - España. You can find them in different languages here.
  • For an internship period lasting longer than three months or finishing after September, you need to sign the agreement under Università di Trento.  In this case you have two options, if you will ask for schoolarship you need to sign your contract under International Mobility Office of Unitrento, but if you will not ask for schoolarship, you can do it through the ESSE3 system by using UniTrento username and password under Job Guidance Office.
  • Send to the EMBS tutor a copy of your insurance which must cover your internship period.

6.  Enjoy your experience and send us the Final Report

  • After the internship period, you have to prepare and submit a report.
  • Besides, a questionnaire will be sent to your tutor at the company
  • The Deadline to send the Internship Report is September the 1st